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Grimsby Dock Tower


Grimsby Dock Tower
Great Grimsby Hydraulic Tower


Structure in General

water tower
existing [completed]


  • The building is constructed from around 1 million bricks.
  • The tower was originally built to contain 30,000 gallons of water at a height of 75 metres (247 feet) to generate hydraulic power and to supply drinking water to ships and houses at the local docks.
  • The tower tapers to a balcony at a height of 61 metres (200 feet) whilst the structure is topped by an octagonal lantern.
  • The design of the tower was influenced by the Palazzo Publico in Sienna, Italy.
  • Grimsby Dock Tower is Grade I Listed.
  • The tower is Grimsby's most famous landmark.
  • The foundations are masonry, constructed on timber piles.
  • On completion, the cast iron staircase contained within was the world's longest.

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United Kingdom

Technical Data

309.00 ft
309.00 ft

Involved Companies

James William Wild

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