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Gastown Steam Clock

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Gastown Steam Clock


Structure in General

clock/bell tower
existing [completed]


  • World's first steam-powered clock.
  • The 18-foot-high clock is made of 1/4 inch thick cast bronze and weighs over 2,300 lbs.
  • Four bronze plaques outline the history of Gastown and how the clock works.
  • Between 1977 and 2002 an estimated 560 million pictures were taken of the clock, making it the most photographed location in the city.
  • Every 15 minutes the clock belches steam and hoots out the Westminster chimes "Big Ben" theme.
  • The clock's four dials are highlighted by enameled copper dogwood flower spandrels.
  • The clock was based on an 1875 design.
  • The dials are surrounded by a 24 carat gold-plated frame.
  • During the past 25 years the clock has entertained over 750 million visitors.

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307 Water Street
307 Water Street at the corner of Cambie Street
V6B 1B8
British Columbia

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