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Catedral de Santa Ana


Catedral de Santa Ana


Structure in General

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  • Unlike the gothic cathedrals of Europe made of cut stone, this one is actually constructed from red brick, rendered in white plaster.
  • In the northern tower there is a set of 3 manual bells, whereas in the southern tower there is also a set of 3 bells, however those are electronically activated.
  • Starting in 1993, the cathedral has been undergoing renovation, however these efforts were set back in 2001, when a strong earthquake caused further damage to the building.
  • The main altar of the cathedral is made entirely of marble, and it serves as the throne for an image of Our Lady of Santa Ana.
  • The cathedral is regarded as the most elegant religious building in El Salvador, and it is a source of much pride for the citizens of Santa Ana, who proudly boast that their city has a nicer cathedral than the capital, San Salvador.
  • On February 11, 1913, the cathedral was consecrated as the cathedral for the new diocese of Santa Ana.
  • The cathedral has 3 naves, which together form the shape of a Latin cross; the central nave is 22 metres long by 22 metres wide, and the lateral naves are 12 metres long and 8 metres wide.
  • Within the cathedral there are icons and relics which are much older than the building itself, including some from the 16th century.
  • It has been declared a national monument by the Salvadorian congress.

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Santa Ana
Santa Ana
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