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Selby Abbey

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Selby Abbey


Structure in General

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  • On October 19, 1906, the abbey was largely destroyed by fire.
  • The abbey was restored and in 1935 the pinnacles on the towers above the west front were removed with their height being increased prior to replacement.
  • The abbey has been a place of worship for around 1,000 years and was the first monastery founded in the North of England after the Norman conquest of 1066.
  • A stained glass window displays the Coat of Arms of the Washington family, ancestors of the eponymous US President; it displays three red stars above two bars on a white shield and is believed to provide the influence for the US flag.
  • The abbey began to take on the appearance of the Early English style.
  • The abbey was restored in the mid-to-late 19th century.
  • The west and north walls' Norman doorways as well as the remaining pillars were added in the early 13th century.
  • Cited in Simon Jenkins' 'England's Thousand Best Churches'.
  • The choir was enlarged in the late 13th century.
  • The church is cruciform in plan and built of stone from the Fryston quarry eight miles away.
  • The east window was added in the mid-14th century.
  • Selby Abbey's founding charter was granted by William the Conqueror (William I of Normandy).
  • On March 30, 1690, the upper part of the central tower collapsed, demolishing the south transept and part of the choir.

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