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Brighton i360


Brighton i360
i360, i-360, Brighton Eye


Structure in General

observation tower
existing [completed]


shop(s) café exhibition


  • In manifestation, a doughnut-shaped aerodynamic pod rises and descends around a slender central spire.
  • i360 will occupy the site of Brighton's West Pier, a Grade I Listed Victorian ruin dating from 1866 which was finally burned down in an arson attack.
  • i360 would be built to regenerate the Brighton seafront.
  • The pod is designed to accommodate around 100 'passengers' and is in part powered by wind turbines at the tower's top, which generate 20% of energy requirements.
  • A return trip takes around 20-30 minutes.
  • The construction period would be around 2 years (1 year being on-site) with an estimated cost of £20m.
  • The pod is made from steel and glass with a weight of 60 tonnes.
  • Brighton i360 will be the tallest observation tower in Britain, beating Spinnaker Tower, Blackpool Tower and (although not an observation tower) the The London Eye, also by Marks Barfield Architects.
  • The tower will afford views of up to 25 miles (40 kilometres) on a clear day.

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The West Pier
United Kingdom

Technical Data

530.68 ft
530.68 ft

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