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Blue Water Bridge

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Blue Water Bridge
Blue Water Bridge - Spans 1 & 2


Structure in General

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  • The Blue Water Bridge is actually two separately completed spans, one completed in October of 1938, and the second span completed in July of 1997.
  • The bridge links the United States of America and Canada at the cities of Port Huron and Point Edward/Sarnia, where Lake Huron empties into the Saint Clair River.
  • The original span is a cantilever truss bridge, while the second span is a continuous tied arch bridge.
  • The road deck width of the original span is 38 feet, while the width of the second span road deck is 51 feet.
  • The original span rises to a height of 210 feet to the top of the structural steel, and the second span rises to a height of 233 feet.
  • The road deck of the original span of the bridge clears the river by 152 feet, while the road deck of the second span clears the river by 155 feet.
  • The original span of the bridge costed $3,250,000 to construct, and the second span cost a total of $79,269,755 to construct.
  • The total length of the original span (excluding the plazas at either end of the bridge) is 6,178 feet, while the total length of the second span is slightly shorter at a length of 6,109 feet.
  • An average of 14,000 vehicles cross the bridge everyday, with as many as 20,000 vehicles crossing on a busy day.

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Blue Water Bridge
Port Huron

Technical Data

233.00 ft
233.00 ft
6,178.08 ft
51.00 ft

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Buckland & Taylor Ltd.

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