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Arena Civica Napoleonica


Arena Civica Napoleonica


Structure in General

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  • The Arena was seriously damaged by Allied bombing during World War II and rebuilt at the end of the 1940s.
  • The first offical football match played in Milan was hosted in the Arena on May 20, 1900 between A.C. Milan and Mediolanum Milano.
  • Today, the arena is used as the athletic field for Milan's teams and for international meetings, such as the final of the IAAF Grand Prix of Atlethic. It sometimes hosts American football games and is also the home of Brera F.C.
  • Once the home of world famous Internazionale F.C. Milano up until the 1950s. It hosted many matches of the Italian national team, including the first ever.
  • Designed in 1805 by Luigi Canonica for Emperor and King of Italy, Napoleon Bonaparte, it opened on August 18th 1807, though construction work was not completed until 1827. The arena can accommodate more than 50,000 spectators, though today it is an all-seater stadium for 30,000 people.
  • The arena hosted the first Athletic Games of Italy, the first cycling Giro d'Italia and Italy's first rugby matches.
  • The arena has played host to football and rugby matches, American football, athletics meetings, boxing, basketball, circus shows, car racing, ice hockey and ice skating.
  • The arena twice hosted William Frederick Cody's (Buffalo Bill) 'The Wild West Show' as well as many Naumachie (aquatic war games with boats) in a water depth of one metre.
  • Of the 16 world athletics records set in Milan, 12 were broken in the arena, including the 5.72 metre pole vault record set by Wladislaw Kozakiewicz in May 1980.

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  • City landmark
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