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Lakenhalle en Belfort

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Lakenhalle en Belfort
Belfort, Lakenhalle, Cloth Hall, Belfry, Cloth Hall and Belfry


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]


governmental office


  • This building has been completely reconstructed after only ruins were left at the end of WWI.
  • In 1716 another twelve bells were added to the Carillon.
  • In 1994, the Carillon was completely automated. The Carillon can now be controlled by a computer.
  • In the period from 1742 –1743, the carillon was thoroughly renovated: eleven bells were recast and nine new bells were added as a replacement.
  • In 1877, the Carillon had 33 bells.
  • In 1909, a complete new carillon with 35 bells, originating from Sint-Jacob op de Koudenberg / Saint-Jacques-sur-Coudenberg in Brussels, was installed in the belfry.
  • In 1683 sixteen new bells were added.
  • In 1962, this carillon was extended to a carillon with four octaves and counting 49 bells. Additionally, several old bells were recast or replaced. The complete weight of this carillon is 11,892 kg.
  • In 1607 eight bells were added to the chime, and again four bells were added in 1608.
  • This Carillon with a total weight of 6,800 kg, had three octaves. The heaviest bell weighed 1,360 kg. The weight of the other bells varied from 9 kg to 990 kg.
  • Already during the ‘Siege of Ypres’ in 1389, the belfry had a chime with eight bells used for announcements.
  • Because of the complete destruction of the building during WWI, a new carillon with 36 bells was inaugurated on July 29, 1934 after reconstruction of the building was finished.

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Grote Markt 34
Flemish Region

Technical Data

229.66 ft
229.66 ft
410.10 ft

Involved Companies

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
  • UNESCO landmark
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