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Grand Lodge of Freemasons

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Grand Lodge of Freemasons


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
applied masonry
light brown


club house


  • The blazing star on the ceiling represents the sun and the glory of God.
  • This building is regarded as a notable exponent of the Classical Revival and Beaux Arts style of architecture by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.
  • The foyer space is reputedly based on the proportions and architectural detail of the ‘Temple of Solomon’, with a central open space flanked by rows of rendered ionic columns over two storeys.
  • In most rooms of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons there is a large 'G' on the ceiling in reference to God, 'the grand geometrician of the universe'.
  • As part of the Masonic Lodge Apartments development, this building will get a $1.5 million restoration which will include the removal of all external mechanical services from the façade, the removal of the rear exposed stairwell and restoration and cleaning of the building's façade.
  • The black and white tessellated pavement refers to the good things in the life and the bad, good and evil, and if counted there is one more white square than black, symbolizing how good triumphs over evil.
  • As this is a Freemasons Lodge, the building contains plenty of symbolism such as the roughly cut block of granite on the junior warden's table representing how everyone starts their life; and the hope that with guidance and a decent education the granite will be smoothed.
  • Proportions, ornament and detailing reflect the ‘Ionic’ classical order, however they also make direct reference to symbolism of the order of Freemasonry of which of special significance include: masonry urns, feature lighting and unique render detailing - including measures, balances and compasses.

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254-260 North Terrace
254 North Terrace
South Australia

Technical Data

116.80 ft
98.43 ft

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  • City landmark
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