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Butte du Lion

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Butte du Lion
De Leeuw van Waterloo, The Lion Hill


Structure in General

existing [completed]


  • This very famous monument remembering the Battle of Waterloo (1815), is not located in Waterloo, but in a neighboring commune, just on the border with Waterloo.
  • The location of “the Lion Hill” points to the spot, where the Dutch Prince of Orange was wounded during the Battle of Waterloo.
  • To commemorate the braveness of his son, the Dutch King William I ordered the construction of this monument in 1820.
  • In total 290 485 m³ ground was required to erect this conical hill.
  • The hill has diameter of 169m at the base and is 40.5m high.
  • The Lion mounted on top of a pedestal is 4.45m high and 4.5m long. It is made from cast iron and weights 28 metric tons.
  • This famous Lion was constructed in the steel factories of Cockerill in Liège.
  • It takes exactly 226 steps to the top of this hill.

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Route du Lion 252-254
Walloon Region

Technical Data

160.76 ft

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