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City Hall, Belfort van Dendermonde, Cloth Hall and Belfry


Structure in General

building with towers
existing [completed]


  • The belfry was added to the Cloth Hall in 1377.
  • The building is a Cloth Hall with a belfry tower located in the middle.
  • During the 16th century the building was thoroughly reconstructed. Neighbouring buildings were incorporated into the main building, while the front façade was remodelled in the Baroque style.
  • From the 16th century the belfry housed a carillon. The first one (installed 1526) had six bells with a further nine bells added in 1548; this carillon was linked to the belfry clock.
  • During World War I the building was severely damaged and on September 17, 1914 the spire and 40-bell carillon crashed down on the town square. Except for the outside walls and a few valuable paintings, the rest of the building was destroyed.
  • In 1925 and again in 1950 a new carillon was purchased. The last and current carillon was thoroughly overhauled in 1975 with the addition of a further 8 bells.
  • From 1732 to 1825, members of the Van Den Gheyn family (who were noted craftsmen from Leuven) made a total of 40 bells for the carillon.
  • Following the pillage by people from Gent in 1380, the building was extended in 1395.
  • Today the carillon has 49 bells and weighs a total of 6,800 kg.
  • The building was renovated to plans of the architect Edouard Bouwens from 1864 to 1896.

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Grote Markt 1
Flemish Region

Technical Data

132.22 ft
132.22 ft

Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
  • UNESCO landmark
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