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Museum Plaza

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Museum Plaza


Structure in General

unbuilt [cancelled]
caisson foundation
curtain wall


residential condominium commercial office hotel museum
restaurant bar mercantile parking


  • First proposed in the summer 2005 at 26 floors, the proposal grew to 61 floors by the time of the design's public unveiling in February 2006.
  • The building features four separate 'legs' which are united by a multilevel arts center 'island' holding an acre-sized public garden on levels 24, 25, and 26.
  • A large office cube of 15 floors and two condo towers with an additional 36 (east tower) and 34 floors (west tower) will sit atop the middle section, forming a unique, multi-peaked silhouette.
  • Two of the legs will contain primarily vertical circulation elements. One is a simple elevator shaft, the other is a 342' (104.2 m) angled glass and steel shaft containing 2 funiculars rising 224'-2" (68.3 m) from a 7th Street plaza to the 25th level.
  • The westernmost leg contains 18 floors with residential lofts; it meets the plaza at level 5.
  • A Westin Hotel will occupy the southernmost leg, with 19 floors rising above the plaza closest to Washington Street.
  • Given the different functions for each leg and each arm, the typical floor-to-floor heights for the building vary from 9'-6" (2.9 m) to 13'-4" (4.06 m).
  • The overall height is measured from the north vehicular entrance to the parking podium. If taken from the level 5 plaza entrance the height is 656'-9" (200.2 m) and from the funicular entrance the height is 675'-9" (206 m).
  • Joshua Prince-Ramus was the principal designer of this tower, while chief at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture. He started a new firm within months of unveiling the design.
  • The drilling of caissons in January and February 2008 caused significant vibrations in surrounding buildings of the historic West Main district. Construction was halted while the project team explored a solution, but construction never resumed and the tower was cancelled.
  • The building would have become the tallest in Kentucky, surpassing the 400 West Market.

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201 North 8th Street, 700 West Washington Street, 200 North 7th Street
Block bounded by River Road, Washington Street & 7th Street

Technical Data

695.59 ft
694.18 ft
683.68 ft

Involved Companies

Ramus Ella Architects (REX)
Kendall/Heaton Associates Inc.

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