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The Pinnacle

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The Pinnacle
The Bishopsgate Tower, DIFA Tower


Structure in General

unbuilt [cancelled]
pile foundation
curtain wall
light gray purple
active heating (unspecified)


commercial office
shop(s) restaurant café bar


  • The design of the top resembles a helter-skelter, hence the tower's nickname.
  • Level 57 is double height.
  • The top of the tower should sway by only about 5 centimetres (2 inches).
  • The height was determined by the flight path leading to London's City Airport.
  • Features a high performance triple glazed façade and combines both natural and mechanical ventilation to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.
  • The scheme was initially proposed to be 307.25m tall with 64 storeys and a total floor area of 140,147sq m. Following objections from the Civil Aviation Authority, the height was reduced in December 2005 by 19.35m/4 storeys.
  • The ventilated façade system consists of overlapping flat panels which resemble snakeskin, obviating the need for curved panels; indeed the exterior is expressed without a single piece of curved glass.
  • The building has 52 office floors with financial trading floors sited on levels 3 to 9.
  • The building has 60 main 2.4 metre (7.8 feet) piles descending to a depth of 60 metres (197 feet), each of which required concrete to be poured continuously for 13 hours.
  • The design maximises the use of natural light reducing dependence on electric lighting.
  • All of the office floor plates can be split to house two tenants on one floor and all floors can be configured for cellular or open-plan occupation.
  • The building's height AOD is 305 metres.
  • The façade is ventilated to counter solar gain and facilitate the use of natural ventilation.
  • The base of the tower exhibits a curvaceous canopy which billows out in the manner of the bottom of a pair of flared trousers.
  • The tower has 90,000 photovoltaic cells which are integrated into around 2,000 sq m of the façade and generate 200 kilowatts of electricity.
  • An earlier proposal for a 216m tall, 50-storey tower designed by Murphy/Jahn Associates on the site of 6-8 Bishopsgate and 22-24 Bishopsgate was abandoned following opposition from English Heritage over the impact on the view of St. Paul's Cathedral looking east along Fleet Street.
  • A planning application was submitted on 1 December 2006 to make a series of revisions to the scheme in order to increase the overall floor area. The changes retain the same building envelope, but include 3 additional floors, a revised Sliver building, changes to the cladding and a larger basement.
  • The building incorporates biomass heating and ground water heat exchangers.
  • The bottom three storeys of the tower are publicly accessible; there is also a sky lobby and restaurant on the 43rd floor which are London's highest public vantage point.

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22-38 Bishopsgate
22-24 Bishopsgate, 38 Bishopsgate and 4 Crosby Square
The Pinnacle
City of London
United Kingdom

Technical Data

944.55 ft
944.55 ft
944.55 ft
13.12 ft

Involved Companies

Sika Services AG

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Features & Amenities

  • Handicapped accessible
  • Raised floors are available
  • Skylobby is present
  • Solar panels are installed
  • Variable walls can be built
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