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Dome of the Rock


Dome of the Rock
The Golden Dome of the Rock, Kubbat as-Sakhra


Structure in General

existing [completed]
islamic architecture


  • The shrine holds a maximal capacity of 1,500 people at prayer.
  • The building totals 54 windows, with only 2 of clear glass and 36 of coloured glass. 16 coloured glass windows around the drum have Qur'anic verses.
  • The Dome of the Rock provided the architectural influence for London's London Central Mosque.
  • The cave below the rock is known as the Cave of Souls.
  • Originally coated with copper from the 1st century, the dome is now covered with 60 kg of 24k gold.
  • According the Islamic belief, this is where Prophet Muhammad left to the heavens.
  • Situated on Temple Mount in the Old City, dominating the skyline of Jerusalem, this is one of the city's most familiar landmarks.
  • The crescent atop the dome is 4.5 meters tall.
  • Commissioned by Caliph Umayad Abdul-Malek bin Marwan.
  • The Rock over which the mathematically precise octagonal shrine is built measures 12x15 meters.
  • During the Ottoman regime, the external walls were recovered with bright blue, green, yellow and white ceramic tiles in either Arabesque design or with Qur'anic verses.
  • Caliph Umayad Abdul-Malek spent the entire tax proceeds from Egypt for seven years to complete the Dome.
  • Four facets of the octagonal shrine have monumental arched gates facing due north, south, east and west.
  • Situated atop the earlier location of the Jewish Temple.
  • The octagonal base measures 10.5 meters wide and 9.5 meters high.
  • External diameter of the dome is 21 meters; the internal is 20 meters.
  • The building is in fact not a mosque, but a temple which is part of the El-Aqsa Mosque complex.

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Temple Mount
Jerusalem District

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