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Brooklyn Bridge

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Brooklyn Bridge


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  • The Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge.
  • The feasibility study for the bridge was carried out by John Roebling but following his premature death, the bridge's construction was executed and completed by his son, Washington.
  • Work within the bridge's caissons was carried out under compressed air to keep water out; an airlock facilitated entry to the work area.
  • The compressed air caused workers to experience what we now know as 'the bends.'
  • The bridge was officially opened on 24th May 1883.
  • The central span is 486 metres (1,594 feet) in length.
  • Brooklyn Bridge was the world's first suspension bridge to be built of steel.
  • World's first bridge to be illuminated by electricity.
  • Due to the expansion of Brooklyn Bridge's entrance ramp in downtown Manhattan, the World Building and New York Tribune Building were demolished. They formed a triumvirate of high-rise headquarters for major news organizations. Only the New York Times Building remains.

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45-107 Park Row
Brooklyn Bridge
Financial District
New York City
New York

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276.50 ft

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  • One of the city's famous buildings
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