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Ribe Domkirke

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Ribe Domkirke
Vor frue kirke Maria


Structure in General

existing [completed]
exposed structure


  • The city and a part of the church burned down in 1402.
  • In 1843 the church is repaired and the floor is lowered ½ a meter.
  • The organ is recontructed in 1973.
  • The church is the only one in Denmark with five naves.
  • Around 860 AD the first wooden church was built on the site by the Norse apostle Ansgar.
  • In 1137 King Erik Emune was buried in the church; his surname means 'the always unknown', but to ordinary people he was better known as Erik the Bloody.
  • King Christoffer I was buried in the church in 1259; he was king of Denmark from 1252 until his death and his rule was greatly influenced by open confrontations between the state and the church.
  • In 1176 both the church and the city were damaged by fire.
  • On Christmas morning in 1283 the northwestern tower collapsed.
  • The new Borgertårn ('Citizen tower') ended construction in 1333 reaching 65 meters into the sky with the spire included.
  • In 1596 the church gets a new pulpit made by cabinetmaker Jens Asmussen from Odense.
  • After the reformation in 1536 all Catholic property was removed from the church in 1560.
  • The artist Carl Henning Pedersen decorated the church's apse from 1982 until 1987.
  • In 1634 - 1635 the church gets a new organ and later in 1696 it gets a new clock.
  • In 1594 part of the Bogertårn collapsed; the following year the tower was repaired minus the spire, resulting in the Kirke's current height.
  • In the year 1401 the church gets its first clock.
  • The first parts of the stone church were commenced in 1110 by Bishop Thure.
  • From 1883 until 1904 the church underwent major renovations.
  • On January 1st 1440 King Christoffer III of Bavaria was ordained and anointed in the church.
  • In 1634 the city and church were flooded; visible today are water marks on the pulpit's column which show the height of the flood waters.
  • Borgertårnet is the tallest tower in Ribe and has 248 stairs to the top.

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