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Sistine Chapel

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Sistine Chapel
Cappella Sistina


Structure in General

existing [completed]


  • The Sistine Chapel was originally a Palatine Chapel.
  • Side wall paintings are by Sandro Botticelli, Peitro Perugino, Domenica Ghirlandaio, Luca Signorelli and Cosimo Rosselli.
  • The chapel is one of the most famous churches in the western world.
  • The interior roof of the chapel is a flattened barrel vault, with smaller vaulting over the side windows.
  • Michelangelo was commissioned by Pope Paul III Farnese to return twenty-three years later to paint the Last Judgement over the alter, which he completed in 1541.
  • Pope Julius II della Rovere commissioned the world-famous painted ceiling by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1508, with completion in 1512.
  • The dimensions of the chapel match exactly those of the Temple of Solomon as laid down in the Old Testament.

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Vatican City
Vatican City

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