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The Borovitskaya Tower

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The Borovitskaya Tower
The Predtechenskaya Tower, The Precursor’s Tower


Structure in General

guard tower
existing [completed]


  • The tower stands on the southwestern side of the Borovitskiy Hill.
  • It was named after the pine grove (“bor” in Russian) that covered the hill the tower stands on.
  • In 1658, Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich renamed the Tower from Borovitskaya to Precursor’s after the Church of John the Precursor that stood nearby.
  • In the 15-16th centuries, the tower used to be an entrance passage to the services area of the royal estate separated from its ceremonial part with a brick wall erected in 1499.
  • During the tower's renovation in the 18th century, it was decorated with pseudo-Gothic elements.
  • Originally, the tower was built in 1490 by Pietro Antonio Solari, Italian architect.
  • In 1680, it was overbuilt with a stone marquee to give the tower a pyramidal shape.
  • Its height without the star is 50.7m.
  • In 1812, the Tower's marquee was destroyed by a blast and reconstructed under the supervision of Osip Beauvais in 1816-1819.

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Technical Data

177.33 ft
177.33 ft
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