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The Willis Building


The Willis Building
Willis Faber and Dumas Headquarters


Structure in General

low-rise building
existing [completed]
curtain wall


commercial office


  • The building is designed to encourage social contact.
  • Access to the three floors is serviced via escalators.
  • The glass curtain wall is tinted to counter solar gain and is suspended from a continuous clamping strip.
  • Willis Faber received an RIBA award 1977.
  • In 1990 the building was awarded an RIBA Architecture Awards Trust, Trustees Medal and was described as the finest building in the world designed by a British architect in the last 25 years.
  • On 25th April 1991, Willis Faber was given Grade I Listing (Britain's youngest-ever building to be given statutory heritage listing), meaning that it can never be altered.
  • The building is regarded as a landmark in the design history of Foster + Partners.
  • Willis Faber incorporated the early use of raised floors.
  • The building features a landscaped roof garden and a 25 metre (82 feet) swimming pool on the ground floor which has since closed and been covered over to increase office space.
  • Foster + Partners designed The Willis Building, headquarters of the Willis Group, formerly Willis Faber and Dumas.
  • The influence of Willis Faber can be seen in Foster + Partners later 30 St. Mary Axe.
  • The building's design exhibits a pioneering use of low-energy consumption.
  • One of earliest examples of a building with an all-glass facade. It became a landmark in the development of the 'high-tech' architectural style of the late 1970s and early 1980s. For example: Buizerdlaan 12.

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More Information


15 Friars Street
United Kingdom


Technical Data

70.53 ft
70.53 ft

Involved Companies

Foster Associates

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • National landmark
  • Green roof is present
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