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North Carolina State Capitol

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North Carolina State Capitol


Structure in General

monumental hall
existing [completed]
second empire


capitol (national subdivision) museum


  • Many of the capitol's architectural details were inspired by various Greek temples including the Parthenon, Tower of Winds and the Erectheum.
  • Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.
  • Between 1840 and 1963, the North Carolina General Assembly met here before moving to the new State Legislative Building. Today, this contains only the governor and lieutenant governor's offices.
  • The Capitol is in the plan of a cross with a domed rotunda connecting the four wings.
  • The building is built from a form of metamorphic granite known as gneiss which has feldspar as its main component as well as mica and quartz.

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1 East Edenton Street
1 South Salisbury Street, 1 West Edenton Street, 1 East Morgan Street, 2 North Wilmington Street, 1 West Morgan Street, 2 South Wilmington Street, 1 North Salisbury Street
1 East Edenton Street, Capitol Square
North Carolina

Technical Data

97.50 ft
97.50 ft
140.00 ft
160.00 ft

Involved Companies

A.G. Odell

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • National landmark
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