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Founders Ridge

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Founders Ridge
105 Street Condominium

Structure in General

high-rise building
unbuilt [cancelled]


residential condominium


  • This south-facing structure has combined parking and residential on the first seven partially-below-grade levels. The front of the building is almost entirely above grade. On these levels, residential units are situated on the front while the parkade stalls take up the remainder of those seven floors.
  • The proposal was rejected on February 10, 2005 due to bylaw exceedences of height and density. A bid to reverse the decision by the developer at the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board failed on May 5, 2005.
  • Situated on a steep slope on the north side of the river valley, the top 15 floors begin at a level equal to the grade at the top of the slope. The lower floors have a larger footprint and serve as a podium of sorts.

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9803 105 Street NW

Technical Data

275.59 ft
9.67 ft

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