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Capitolio de Puerto Rico

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Capitolio de Puerto Rico
Capitol Building


Structure in General

monumental hall
existing [completed]
applied masonry


capitol (national)


  • The dome has an interior height of 32.52 meters (106' 8").
  • The dome lantern has a total height of 8.3 meters (27.3 feet).
  • The main entrances on both the south and north facade are defined by eight Corinthian columns measuring a height of 8.90 meters (29.21 feet).
  • Seven doors on the north and south facades show in their lintels the name of San Juan, Arecibo, Aguadilla, Mayagüez, Ponce, Guayama, and Humacao, representing the seven districts in which Puerto Rico was divided by the time the building was completed.
  • In the first floor of the building, a glass case holds a permanent exhibition of the original documents of the Constitution of Puerto Rico approved in 1952.
  • The building construction started on July 17, 1925.
  • The building was officially inaugurated on February 11, 1929.
  • Before the completion of the Capitol, legislature meetings were held in the now Department of State Building in Old San Juan.
  • The idea of building a capitol for the Puerto Rican legislature goes back to 1907 when the government assigned $300,000 for this purpose.

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Puerta de Tierra
Viejo San Juan
San Juan
Puerto Rico

Technical Data

147.17 ft
147.17 ft
302.13 ft
148.00 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
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