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Katedra Polowa NMP Królowej Polski

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Katedra Polowa NMP Królowej Polski


Structure in General

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  • The first records of the church come from the early 17th century, but the war with Sweden in the years 1655-1660 left it completely destroyed.
  • The baroque reconstruction was carried out in the years 1660-1681 with the financial help of King Jan Kazimierz.
  • After the November Uprising in 1830 the Pijar priesthood, the church's original owner, was expelled by Tsar Nicolas I who then changed the building into an Orthodox church for the Russian army.
  • Just after Polish Independence in 1918, the church was captured by the Polish Army and commissioned as its garrison church. The restoration in the years 1923-1933 restored its original baroque style.
  • In 1944 the church was destoyed again. When it was rebuilt after World War II it remained the Polish garrison church.
  • In 1991 the church was officially commissioned as the Polish Army field cathedral.

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Ulica Długa 13-15
Ulica Długa 13/15

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