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West Publishing Redevelopment


West Publishing Redevelopment
Ramsey County Government Center West Redevelopment


Structure in General

high-rise building
unbuilt [cancelled]


residential condominium
restaurant mercantile


  • The project was cancelled in October 2006.
  • The city cited a softening condominiuim market and difficulties with the building site, including the location on a steep bluff, the proximity to a major sewer line and the rebuilt Wabasha Street bridge as factors in this decision.
  • This project was selected by the Ramsey County Commissioners in March 2004 to replace the old jail and county government offices in the former West Publishing complex.
  • The old jail and building F were to be demolished to make way for new construction.
  • The project was designed to preserve views of the Mississippi River. Much of the construction just south of the City Hall and County Courthouse was to be below the level of Kellogg Boulevard, with renderings showing 7-8 floors of housing clinging to the nearly vertical bluff.
  • The original plans included a 10-story tower rising along Kellogg Boulevard, just west of the St. Peter Street intersection.
  • Revised plans announced in May 2005 proposed a slender tower of 25 floors.

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2-72 West Kellogg Boulevard
Southside of Kellogg Boulevard, west of Wabasha Street
West Seventh
St. Paul

Technical Data

275.00 ft

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