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Phoenix on the River

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Phoenix on the River
The Phoenix, Phoenix Lofts


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
caisson foundation
applied masonry
light gray brown
forced air
yes, adjustable


residential condominium
shop(s) parking


  • The height refers to the elevation above Main Street. The tower rises 161 feet above the main entrance on 2nd Street.
  • The typical units offered range from 1,140 (1,320 with balcony) to 3,800 (4,215 with balcony) square feet.
  • Demolition of the structure along 2nd Street SE began in early March, 2006.
  • Site excavation began mid-summer 2005, with archaeological research being conducted during the process.
  • The Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association approved this project in February 2004.
  • This project was approved by the City of Minneapolis Zoning & Planning Committee on 12 August 2004.
  • The building will replace a surface lot along Main Street and the former Diageo Data Center along 2nd Street.
  • The building takes its name from the Phoenix Mill, which stood on this site from 1875 until 1956. It was an early water-powered flour mill, changed to a Rye Mill in 1916 by the Pillsbury Company.
  • The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission capped this project's height to 189 feet above Main Street, the same as the nearby Pillsbury A Mill Tile Elevator.
  • Marketing of units began in May 2005.
  • The two-level penthouse units will have private elevators serving both floors.
  • The building rises 15 floors from 2nd Street, with 1 additional level exposed farther south along 3rd Avenue. The section closest to Main Street and the Mississippi River is 5 levels over ground.

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222-224 2nd Street SE
101-199 3rd Avenue SE
225 Main Street SE
222 2nd Street SE, 105 3rd Avenue SE
Marcy Holmes

Technical Data

187.67 ft
330.00 ft
116.00 ft
Jan 2007
Apr 2009

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Features & Amenities

  • Balconies are available
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