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VivaCity One

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VivaCity One
VC|One, Melrose Tower, 9819 104 Street NW


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]


residential condominium


  • A second proposal was initially approved by the City of Edmonton but was rejected by a Subdivision and Development Appeal Board hearing on November 18, 2004. Local residents cited concerns that included such items as pollution and traffic problems and the obstruction of river-valley views. However, legal council objections to variances granted the developer for rear- and side-yard clearance, the only immediate grounds upon which the SDAB could reject the proposal, directed the decision.
  • A third proposal was submitted to the City of Edmonton on December 21, 2004, after the first two versions of the building were blocked. Modifications to the third proposal include greater easement on the north and east sides, greater floor-to-floor height, the removal of office space on the main floor and a slightly narrower but deeper main tower. While the overall number of floors decreased by one, the height was increased by about 13 feet.
  • Citing zoning restrictions and design difficulties, the original developer cancelled the project on May 5, 2004. A revised version one story shorter, with a smaller peak and with a base level slightly lower was submitted July 8, 2004. The difference in height was about 16 feet.
  • The first four levels are at least partially below grade due to the lot's steep slope. Only the bottom parkade level is almost entirely below ground.
  • The structural height listed is from the parkade entrance which is at the structure's second of three parking levels.
  • The third proposal for this building was approved on February 17, 2005. Another appeal against the development was tabled March 24, 2005, to no avail.
  • A fourth proposal on April 12, 2005, modified from the approved third proposal, modified the plans by specifying a front-facing parkade entrance linked to 104 Street.

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9827 104 Street NW
9827 104 Street NW

Technical Data

179.63 ft
179.63 ft
179.63 ft
164.54 ft
11.00 ft
81.75 ft
115.08 ft

Involved Companies

GMH Architects

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