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Santos Office Headquarters

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Santos Office Headquarters
Flinders Link Stage 4


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
curtain wall


commercial office


  • The land where this building is being built was originally intended for a residential tower.
  • This building was initially approved at a height of 45.6m to top of roof, and 50.5m to top of structure.
  • In order to absorb the carbon emissions from this building, 2 800 trees were planted.
  • The building features automatic louvres which allow natural light into the building whilst reducing the heat load and energy demand to cool the building.
  • Motion detectors are installed throughout the building to turn off lights when people vacate a room.
  • The building features a full height atrium designed to provide natural light to all floors.
  • 90% of rubber floor surfaces throughout the building are made from recycled car tyres.
  • The building received approval to increase its height in September of 2005, by increasing the height of the ground floor from 4.4m to 5.6m, increasing the height of each floor from 3.5m to 3.75m, and by increasing the height of the plant equipment from 5m to 12m.
  • 97% of workstations and chairs are made from recycled material, or are recyclable.
  • The tenant of the building, Santos, has decided to forego placing an illuminated company logo at the crown of the building, and has rather installed a blue cube, which is illuminated at night to draw attention to the building.
  • The timber flooring used in the building is recycled from an 85 year old railway bridge in Queensland which was demolished.
  • To encourage workers not to drive to work, 100 bicycle parks are installed in the building.
  • The building is designed to achieve a Green Building Council of Australia and an Australian Building Greenhouse five star rating for environemntal sustainability.

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60 Flinders Street
60 Flinders Street
Flinders Link
South Australia

Technical Data

200.13 ft
177.17 ft
161.09 ft
12.30 ft
77.13 ft
223.85 ft

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