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Centro Comercial Zubiarte

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Centro Comercial Zubiarte

Structure in General

low-rise building
existing [completed]


shopping center


  • The official opening ceremony was held the 25th of November 2004. And the following day the shopping mall was opened to the public.
  • It's the biggest of the four shopping malls in Bilbao.
  • Construction stopped for several months because there was no tenant for the building.
  • The name "Zubiarte" means between the bridges, referring to Deusto and Euskalduna bridges, where the shopping mall is located.
  • The interior of the shopping mall is designed to resemble the commercial streets of the old part of the city of Bilbao.
  • The shopping mall is internally divided into 6 different parts.
  • The construction began in 2002 and stood unfinished for many months because one of the investors pulled out.
  • The conclusion of the building was delayed because Sonae real-state company wanted to use cheaper materials and Bilbao Ria 2000 did not left them do that. Inauguration was originally expected for November 2003.
  • With the money raised by the construction of the shopping mall other projects in Bilbao are expected to be funded.
  • There are four entrances, two at Deusto Bridge, one at Lehendakari Leizaola, and another one at Abandoibarra Etorbidea.

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Lehendakari Leizaola, 2
Avenida Lehendakari Leizaola Etorbidea 2
Disctrict 6

Technical Data

45.39 ft

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