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University of Texas Old Main


University of Texas Old Main


Structure in General

building with towers
demolished [destroyed]


university institutional office
library wet laboratory


  • The first electrical lights in the building were installed after 1905.
  • The building was built in 3 stages. First in 1883 the West Wing was completed. The central tower was completed in 1889. The north wing was completed in 1891. In 1899 the East Wing was completed.
  • The Old Main was built atop a 50 foot hill in downtown known as "College Hill" on the original 40 acre campus site. The building was in full view of the "new" 1888 State Capitol which is the present day State Capitol in Austin.
  • The University of Texas Old Main holds the record for being the tallest building to be demolished in Austin to this day.
  • Completed in 1889, the central tower section of the building was the 2nd tallest building in Austin from 1889 to 1924 when the Stephen F. Austin Hotel was completed.
  • Some of the original bricks from this building were saved and reused in the new UT Tower which replaced this building including the cornerstone.
  • Demolition began in 1931 of the north wing. The last sections of the building were demolshed by 1935.
  • The Old Main was the first building constructed for the new university.
  • The building gained the nickname, "The Parthenon of The University's Acropolis" during it's 52 year history.
  • In 1935 when the Old Main was being demolished thousands of ex-students of UT rallied and argued that the Old Main not be torn down and demanded that another place be found to build the new UT Tower.
  • By 1918 the University of Texas was looking for more space and by 1935 the Old Main was razed to make way for the University of Texas Tower. The UT Tower was completed 2 years later in 1937.

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2300 Inner Campus Drive
Corner of Inner Campus Drive and University Avenue

Technical Data

160.00 ft
160.00 ft
160.00 ft

Involved Companies

Frederick E. Ruffini
Abner Cook

Abner Cook
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