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Sheraton Hotel Penang

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Sheraton Hotel Penang
Merlin Inn


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]




  • Owing to the very restricted site, carparking is divided into a basement carpark and an annex which houses three stacks of mechanical, rotary carparks.
  • The design and orientation of all the hotel rooms take into account the view of Penang Hill to the west as well as the city harbor view to the east.
  • The undulation of the surface gives the otherwise simple building an interesting surface texture.
  • The Sheraton Penang is a 20-story building and has 300 rooms. 3,000 square meters of office space occupy a corner of the building from the 16th to 20th floors.
  • The structure is a reinforced concrete frame with external walls of pre-cast concrete panels pre-finished with mosaic tiles.

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3 Jalan Larut
Penang Island
Pulau Pinang

Technical Data

247.76 ft

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