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Anlage 4101, Mast 93


Anlage 4101, Mast 93


Structure in General

mast (framework)
existing [completed]


observation power distribution


  • Height of lowest crossbar: 39.5 metres
  • Length of lowest crossbar, measured from tower body to tip: 15 metres
  • Height of medium crossbar: 49.5 metres
  • Length of medium crossbar, measured from tower body to tip: 16.5 metres
  • Height of topmost crossbar: 59.5 metres
  • Length of topmost crossbar, measured from tower body to tip: 15 metres
  • Strainer, capable of carrying four 380 kV-circuits, built for the double-circuit 380 kV-Powerline Oberzier-Sechtem
  • In 1977 a covered public observation deck accessible by a staircase in the centre of the tower was installed at a height of 27 metres.
  • It was in all probability the only public observation deck ever installed on an electricity pylon.
  • In 2002, two 110 kV-circuits of the single-phase AC Powerline Cologne-Sindorf of the German railway company were installed on the so far unused lowest crossbar of the pylon
  • In 2010 the observation deck was removed after much vandalism occurred which even concerned parts important for the integrity of the pylon
  • The only remains of the observation deck are the concrete plate between its feet and a lattice structure in the shape of an inverted "v" in the body of the tower in height of the former observation deck

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Parkplatz Bleibtreusee
Northrhine Westfalia

Technical Data

245.54 ft
88.58 ft
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