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Sentra Mulia


Sentra Mulia
Mulia Center


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
composite structure


commercial office


  • The exterior wall is all glass with ceramic painted spandrels and blue and silver reflective glass vision panels.
  • At the corner of the building at the top [the developers and architects] wanted to create a special internal space and hence the domed shape. The shape of the top was studied at length and several different ones were recommended; the developer selected the current shape although he did not use the patinated copper covering that the architects wanted to use.
  • Sentra Mulia occupies a corner site on Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, one of the most pleasant 'avenues' in the new downtown of Jakarta.
  • The development guidelines resulted in a building that has some 3,000 square meters per floor, one of the largest in Jakarta.
  • Designed as a building for rent, the developer wanted to keep the core from intruding into the rental space, so it was placed on the inside of the 'L' shaped floor plan.
  • This building uses floor to ceiling glass.

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Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kavling X-6 No. 8

Technical Data

226.83 ft

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