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Dievo Apvaizdos Baznycia


Dievo Apvaizdos Baznycia
God's Premonition Church

Structure in General

unbuilt [cancelled]


  • It was a very unique design, building church not in a common form, but as a pyramid with huge undergrond cellar, main hall and 3 storey priest's house inside. It was in early years of independence, when people were hungry for religion, officially banned in soviet times. Project was greated by pope when he visited Lithuania, but budget of church building shrunk in later years and even it's architect wasn't so enthusiastic anymore. The only thing which was built, was a huge cellar, which was primarily projected as a place to bless the dead. Later, it was planned to transfer that cellar to the first underground church in Lithuania. However, it seems those plans gone nowhere and now events are held on the courtyard, near the little chapel.

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Technical Data

183.73 ft
183.73 ft
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