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Valens Aqueduct


Valens Aqueduct
Aqueduct Of Valens , Bozdogan Kemeri

Structure in General

existing [completed]
roman architecture


  • 971 meters of the originally more than 1-km aqueduct which carried water to Constantinople until the end of the 19th Century still stands today. At its highest point, the aqueduct reaches a height of 29 meters.
  • Of this monument a great part (971 meters) is still preserved, but appears much lower than in the Roman and Byzantine times, since the surrounding ground level has risen up to 6 m. The aqueduct transported water, which came from two different supply systems, over the little valley between the fourth and third hills of Constantinople. It was finally stored in a great reservoir: the famous underground "Basilica Cistern", one of Istanbul's most popular touristic sites, where also a scene of the James Bond film "From Russia With Love" was shot.
  • The aqueduct was completed at the time of the late Roman emperor Valens, but its plans were already made at the time of the Roman emperor Constantine The Great, who moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Constantinople (Istanbul) in 330 AD.

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