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Yedikule Castle


Yedikule Castle
Castle of the Seven Towers , Heptapyrghion Castle , Porta Aurea Castle , Golden Gate Castle

Structure in General

existing [completed]


  • The land part of Yedikule Castle (Yedikule meaning "Seven Towers" in Turkish) was completed in 447 AD, during the reign of Byzantine emperor Theodosius II (408-450) for defending the most important entrance of the city walls, called the Porta Aurea (Golden Gate).
  • In 1458, the Turks added three more towers to the original four, making a new total of seven.
  • Four years after the Turkish conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul), the inner parts of the castle were added by Mehmed II "The Conqueror" (1457-1458). Thus the parts of the castle dating from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods were combined.
  • The castle is pentagon-shaped when seen from above.
  • The three powerful circular towers (added later in 1458) protected the castle from attacks coming from the city itself, in order to provide a safe haven for the emperor in case of riots. Like the Tower of London, Yedikule Castle was used both as a treasure house and as a prison.

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Marmara Region

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • UNESCO landmark
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