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St. Mary Aldermary

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St. Mary Aldermary


Structure in General

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  • The tower of St. Mary Aldermary is all that remains of a church built around 1510. The rest of the church was destroyed in 1666 in the Great Fire of London.
  • Widely regarded as Wren's most Gothic church, St. Mary's is the only surviving City of London church built in the Gothic style and is regarded as being the earliest Gothic Revival church in London.
  • Cited in Simon Jenkins' 'England's Thousand Best Churches'.
  • In 1681-2, the church was rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren to the original designs, and was capped in 1701 by the addition of four pinnacles to the top of the tower.
  • The name 'Aldermary' is believed to be old English for 'older Mary', because the original church was said to be older than any other St. Mary church in The City. It could also simply mean that the church is older than the nearby St. Mary-le-Bow Church.
  • A church has occupied this site for over 900 years and amongst other events, has seen the marriage of poet and author of 'Paradise Lost', John Milton in 1663.

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Queen Victoria Street
Queen Victoria Street
City of London
United Kingdom

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134.84 ft
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