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Guild Church of St. Martin within Ludgate

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Guild Church of St. Martin within Ludgate
St. Martin within Ludgate


Structure in General

existing [completed]




  • The name of the church refers to Ludgate, one of six gates that used to stand in the City of London, demolished in 1670. The name is believed to derive from Lud, a pagan god.
  • The present church spire was designed by Christopher Wren to act as a foil to the dome of his St. Paul's Cathedral.
  • Attributed by the esteemed architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner as having been designed by Dr Robert Hooke.
  • Interior wood carvings are by Grinling Gibbons while the organ was built by Bernard Schmidt in 1684.
  • The first church to occupy this site was built just inside the Lud Gate around 1,300 years ago by King Cadwal whose remains are rumoured to be buried in the crypt.
  • The mediaeval church which was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1666, was originally completed in 1437.
  • Cited in Simon Jenkins' 'England's Thousand Best Churches'.

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Ludgate Hill
Ludgate Hill
City of London
United Kingdom

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158.01 ft
158.01 ft

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