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Dominican Church of St. Paul


Dominican Church of St. Paul
Chiesa di San Paolo , Arap Camii

Structure in General

existing [completed]
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  • Built in 1233, during the Latin control of Constantinople (1204-1261) by Dominican priests of the Catholic Church and dedicated to St. Paul, this building, today known as the Arap Camii (Arab Mosque) is located in Galata, close to the shores of the Golden Horn.
  • It was converted into a mosque in 1492 for the Arab immigrants who arrived from Spain escaping the Spanish Inquisition, thus taking the name "Arab Mosque".
  • Constructed following the Italian model, the church had a squared-off eastern end with a square sanctuary and chapels covered by ribbed groin vaults. Lancet windows and the prominent bell tower distinguish the building from the Byzantine churches of that period.
  • Numerous Latin tombstones from the church are now displayed in the Archaeological Museum.
  • Following the Byzantine reconquest of Constantinople in 1261, the church was left to the local Genoese community of Galata. In 1407, it was extensively repaired with the financial assistance of the Papacy.

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Galata Mahkemesi Street, Pera
Marmara Region

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • UNESCO landmark
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