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The Queen's Tower


The Queen's Tower
Collcutt Tower


Structure in General

observation tower
existing [completed]


  • The Queen's Tower is the last remnant of the Imperial Institute, built in 1887 and designed by Thomas Colcutt. The rest of the building was demolished during the 1950s expansion of the Imperial College, but the tower was saved and strengthened to become a free-standing structure.
  • The belfry contains the 19th Century Alexandra Peal of bells, which consists of 10 bells and is named after Alexandra, then Princess of Wales. The bells were a gift to the Prince of Wales from Elizabeth Millar of Melbourne in 1892. Named after members of Queen Victoria’s royal family, the bells are still rung on royal anniversaries.

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Imperial College Road
Imperial College Road
United Kingdom

Technical Data

287.00 ft
287.00 ft

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