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Leonardo Da Vinci's Galata Bridge


Leonardo Da Vinci's Galata Bridge
Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge , Ponte di Galata , Ponte di Galata di Leonardo Da Vinci sul Corno D'Oro

Structure in General

unbuilt [cancelled]


  • In 1502 Leonardo Da Vinci designed a bridge that would span the Golden Horn in Istanbul, upon request from the Ottoman emperor Bayezid II.
  • The bridge would have a length of 240 meters, a width of 23 meters, and a height (over sea level) of 40 meters according to Leonardo Da Vinci's design.
  • If built, it would have become the world's longest bridge of that time (1502) with its length of 240 meters.
  • The project was rejected by Sultan Bayezid II who didn't believe that it could be realized.
  • The basis of the construction - three arches supporting a walkway - was first accepted as an engineering principle 300 years after Da Vinci made his drawing, confirming his reputation as a man ahead of his time.
  • Da Vinci was so convinced by his project that he had even offered to build it himself. In a letter he wrote to the Sultan - which was found in 1952 at the Topkapi Palace archives - the great master expressed his wish to come to Istanbul in order to personally realize his project.

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