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Menara UMNO

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Menara UMNO
UMNO Tower


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
light gray


commercial office


  • Der UMNO Tower ist einer der wenigen Wolkenkratzer der Welt, der Wind benutzt, um Innenraumkomfort zu schaffen. Wenn notwendig, können alle Büroflure natürlich belüftet werden.
  • Alle Aufzugräume, Treppenhäuser und Toiletten werden natürlich belüftet und haben natürliches Sonnenlicht, was für eine sichere Nutzung und geringen Energieverbrauch sorgt.
  • The UMNO Tower is one of the few skyscrapers of the world engineered to use wind to create interior comfort. If necessary all office corridors can be ventilated naturally.
  • TR Hamzah & Yeang won the 1998 RAIA International Award for the design of this building.
  • A set of wing walls has been installed in key positions according to an analysis of wind direction data at the building location; these walls direct the wind into special balcony zones, which serve the natural ventilation and cooling with containers with air locks.
  • All elevator spaces, stairways and toilets are ventilated naturally and lit by natural sunlight, which provides for safe use and low energy consumption.

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128 Jalan Macalister
Penang Island
Pulau Pinang

Technical Data

306.76 ft
306.76 ft
246.06 ft

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