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Regimiento Coraceros III

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Regimiento Coraceros III

Structure in General

high-rise building
unbuilt [cancelled]




  • The beach front zone includes the view decks between the residential units, the hotel deck and all of the associated functions. The view decks will include pools for each residential area, sunning and viewing areas, gardens and children's play area. The central deck includes a small building that will serve as a "community centre", including a health club, day-care centre and café. A bridge will link the hotel to a retail mall.
  • The mall will be designed around a large covered court with promenades on two levels. Small stores will line the promenades. Gardens, walkways, a café and restaurant will occupy the roofs of this complex.
  • Size 4,096,012ft² / 380,532m²

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Viña del Mar

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