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The Sail Tower

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The Sail Tower
District Government Center - Building B, The Rocket Tower


Structure in General

existing [completed]
composite structure
black white


governmental office


  • Variable floor size ranges from 850 m² to 1,300 m².
  • Eighth place finish in Emporis.com's 'Best Skyscraper of 2002'.
  • Vertical radius of the convexed parts of the tower is roughly 2 kilometers.
  • The tower is entered from an elevated plaza 9.5 meters above HaAtzmaut Street, which is connected to the plaza via a separate public lobby with 2 more elevators.
  • Referred to as "The Rocket" by locals.
  • Both pointed horns enclose transmission equipment.
  • Throughout the stretched plaza there are ten big steel arcs. Underneath them are mosaics describing Haifa's history, including a city map from 1773 and a painting of Mount Carmel from 1667.
  • Gross floor area of the tower core, 450 m²; central aisle inside is 3 meters wide.
  • The tower is planned to be connected by bridge to a future central rail station; a similar solution already exists in Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv.
  • One of several major complexes to be built in the passing years, as part of the "District Government Centers Project", founded in order to situate most government employees in a single compund for every country district; The HaYovel Tower in Tel Aviv and the District Government Center in Beer Sheva are parts of the same project.
  • The tower's name attributes its ship-sail shape.
  • Construction officially ended on February 28th, 2002.
  • Ground-breaking June 1999, construction began November 1999.
  • The energy center is adjacent to the tower, next to the parking level on HaAtzmaut Street and above it is a large terraced garden.
  • It contains computer-controlled smart elevators with four elevators for floors 1 to 14 and another four elevators for floors 14 to 26.
  • The lobby and two floors above it serve the Israel Ministry of Interior Affairs and are separate from the office floors.
  • Tallest skyscraper in Haifa from 2002.

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15A Palyam
15-A Palyam Street, 36 HaAtzmaut Street
Yir Tachtit
East Haifa
Haifa District

Technical Data

500.33 ft
450.13 ft
370.14 ft
12.14 ft
11.42 ft
131.23 ft
128.71 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • Public parking is available
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