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Nakanoshima Seibuchiku Redevelopment Project, Block A


Nakanoshima Seibuchiku Redevelopment Project, Block A

Structure in General

under construction [on hold]


  • In 1994, the Redevelopment Project announced a plan to construct a complex of two skyscrapers (approximately 180 meters high) and a smaller building totalling 330,000sq m of floorspace in the eastern part of this site, formerly occupied by Osaka University. The complex will include approximately 20,000sq m for OMG's Modern Art Museum, 30,000 - 40,000sq m for OMG's Comprehensive Theatrical Center, 4,000sq m for Osaka University's Nakanoshima Center, 230,000sq m for offices and retail, and 40,000sq m for parking.
  • Due to the economic situation in Japan, the project has been delayed, but it is expected to get back on track in the next few years.

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Nakanoshima Seibuchiku

Technical Data

590.01 ft
590.01 ft
590.01 ft
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