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EGI Tower


Structure in General

under construction [on hold]


commercial office hotel
shopping center


  • This project is on hold because of a legal dispute between the developers and the East Greenhills Associations, a nearby group of wealthy residents. The city only gave E.G. Ganzon Inc. a building permit that allows for the excavation and to build up to ground level. The opponents are trying to keep it that way because they are worried that the building will cast a shadow on their homes and affect their water supply.
  • As of January 6, 2001, an application for IT zone status for Skycity from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority is still pending. This application seems to show that the project can still be completed in the near future.
  • An observation area called 'Skyview' is planned, which would be the highest occupiable floor space in the capital.
  • The tower will also feature a podium plaza with a movie theatre complex, podium vehicle parking and a shopping mall on eight levels situated below ground level.
  • The project is planned to sit on a 4,000 square metre site with the tower providing commercial, residential and hotel uses (220 rooms).

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Ortigas Avenue
Epifanio de los Santos Avenue at Ortigas Avenue

Technical Data

1,099.15 ft

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