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Park Tower

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Park Tower
First Financial Tower, Lykes Tower


Structure in General

existing [completed]
rigid frame
curtain wall
white light brown brown


commercial office


  • The building's top 6 floors are currently occupied by the U.S. attorney general's office.
  • The top floor of the building's parking garage base houses telecom equipment.
  • The building's main entrance initially faced north, towards the old downtown, but when the downtown emphasis moved south, the main entrance was moved to face the east.
  • The Stovall Building stood at the northeast corner of the building's site.
  • The building's ground floor contains retail and a bank.
  • The building's interior was remodeled and the Lykes sign was mounted at the top of the tower in 1997.
  • The building's land area is 1.02 acres.
  • Atop the building's parking garage base is an outdoor balcony.
  • The vertical strips running down the building's facade house pipes and data cables.
  • The building's first seven floors of parking compose the tower's base.
  • Unlike other area office towers, the building remained mostly leased throughout Tampa's skyscraper boom.
  • Two murals hang from the building's large parking garage base.
  • Surpassed Franklin Exchange Building in 1972 as the tallest building in Tampa, and was the city's tallest until completion of One Tampa City Center in 1981.
  • The building was a lone landmark skyscraper on Tampa's skyline until several other high-rises were built in the 1980s.
  • Tampa's first skyscraper, the building was intended to spark redevelopment in the city's downtown.
  • The building's top floor initially housed racquetball courts for the "gentlemen's club".

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400 North Tampa Street
401 North Ashley Drive
400 North Tampa Street
Downtown / CBD

Technical Data

458.01 ft
458.01 ft

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