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Lincoln Cathedral

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Lincoln Cathedral
Cathedral Church of St. Mary


Structure in General

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  • The cathedral suffered a major setback in 1237 or 1239 when the central tower collapsed. Work on a new tower began immediately, and by 1255 part of the old town wall had to be demolished to accommodate the expanding cathedral.
  • An earthquake struck Lincoln in 1185, causing structural damage to the cathedral. This time it was rebuilt by St Hugh in a Gothic style in 1192. Work continued into the 13th Century, after St Hugh's death in 1200.
  • In 1072, the largest diocese in medieval England was based at Dorchester. The Bishop, Remigius, decided to move the Bishopric to Lincoln and in 1092 the new cathedral at Lincoln was consecrated.
  • The two towers over the west front are each 63m (206ft) high.
  • Provided interior shots for the 2006 movie 'The Da Vinci Code' after permission to use the interior of Westminster Abbey was denied on the grounds that the book on which the film was based was deemed "theologically unsound".
  • This was the world's tallest building between c.1311 and 1549. The collapse of the central tower saw the title taken by Old St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
  • In or around 1141 the cathedral was damaged by fire. Alexander 'the Magnificent', Bishop of Lincoln from 1123 to 1148, was charged with rebuilding the cathedral and, according to sources at the time, did the job so well that the new cathedral was better than the original.
  • Between 1307 and 1311 the central tower was raised to its present height, as were the twin western towers between 1370 and 1400. They were also all topped by tremendous spires; that of the central tower, rising to a height of 160m (525ft), blew down in 1549.
  • The spires of the western towers remained in place until they became unsafe and were finally removed in 1807, creating the present form of the cathedral.

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