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Vulcan Statue

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Vulcan Statue


Structure in General

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  • Largest cast iron sculpture in the world.
  • Vulcan is the Roman god of fire and the forge, and according to myth, the inventor of smithing and metalworking. He stands as a tribute to steel industry that was the primary reason behind Birmingham's historical growth.
  • Vulcan was crafted by the Italian born sculptor Giuseppe Moretti to represent Birmingham in the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.
  • In 1939, Vulcan was moved from the Alabama State Fairgrounds to a newly constructed pedestal atop Red Mountain.
  • In 1946, Vulcan was given a neon torch that would glow green unless there was a traffic death in which it would glow red to indicate a motorist death on that day.
  • The aforementioned neon torch was replaced with Vulcan’s original spear as part of a restoration project in the early 2000s.
  • The 55 foot tall statue rests atop a 123 foot pedestal giving the monument a total height of 178 feet.
  • From Vulcan's observation deck, visitors enjoy panoramic views of downtown Birmingham and the surrounding Appalachian foothills.
  • Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.
  • A legend says that Vulcan was in love with the figurine of Liberty who used to sit atop the Liberty National Building.
  • As a part of the renovations, the marble cladding that had surrounded the pedestal since the 1970s was removed to showcase the original pedestal built by FDR's Works Progress Administration.
  • After being closed since the fall of 1999, Vulcan has since seen a complete restoration, and a newly renovated Vulcan Park re-opened on March 8, 2004, to coincide with Vulcan's 100th anniversary.

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1752 Valley View Drive
1752 Valley View Drive
Five Points South

Technical Data

178.00 ft
178.00 ft

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HKW Associates

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
  • National landmark
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