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Alico Building

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Alico Building
Amicable Life Building, American-Amicable Life Building


Structure in General

high-rise building
existing [completed]
beaux-arts / historism


commercial office


  • Tallest building between Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth.
  • At its completion, the Alico Building was the tallest commercial office building in Texas and the tallest west of the Mississippi.
  • It was the fifth tallest building in the world to be completed in 1911.
  • The top four floors exhibit rich terra cotta detailing.
  • The large red neon letters on top were added in 1959-60.
  • The Alico Building was one of the few buildings left standing after an F4 tornado wiped out downtown Waco on May 11, 1953.
  • The building has 733 windows, 1,223 doors, and 256,000 bolts or rivets.
  • The foundation extends 52 feet below ground.
  • The building originally had its own water well and electric generator.
  • The total weight of the building is 40,085,200 pounds. It includes 3,736,000 pounds of structural steel and 290,800 pounds of iron.
  • A total of 2,004 train cars were required to haul the construction materials – that is the equivalent of 80 freight trains with 25 cars each or one single train 16 miles long.
  • Two other Texas skyscrapers, both designed by Sanguinet and Staats resemble this building greatly with facade detail; the Burk Burnett Building in Fort Worth and the Rand Building in San Antonio.
  • The building bears an Official Historical Medallion of the Texas Historical Commission.
  • The building's landmark status is a testament to the early economic growth of Waco.

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425-427 Austin Avenue
101-107 North Fifth Street
425 Austin Avenue

Technical Data

303.00 ft
282.00 ft
282.00 ft
246.33 ft

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Features & Amenities

  • One of the city's famous buildings
  • City landmark
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