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MABEG Verwaltung


MABEG Verwaltung


Structure in General

low-rise building
existing [completed]


commercial office


  • Previous development on the site has suffered from a lack of forward planning and as a result buildings have been added in an ad hoc way.
  • The offices provide accommodation for management, sales, marketing and dispatch and also provide space for meeting and exhibition rooms.
  • The building is of concrete construction. The rounded concrete columns are all visible and are particularly elegant at ground floor level where they are 5m high.
  • The column grid is 4.5m wide in the east-west direction - an adequate width for the safe passage of vehicles - and 6m wide in the north-south direction.
  • Contract value 2.6m DM.
  • This office building is the first phase of a masterplan for MABEG, a German manufacturer of design-led signage, information and municipal furniture systems.
  • The building won a RIBA Awards, regional award in 1999.
  • The elegant form explores and refines a Grimshaw aesthetic from thirty years before. The ribbed aluminium cladding, curved at the corners, and slender pilotis echo the 1968 Park Road apartment building in London.

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Northrhine Westfalia

Technical Data

23.32 ft

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